Roger Jackson

Roger Jackson has established himself as a go-to producer for documentary TV & film in highly challenging shoot conditions.

For nearly 2 years Jackson was Executive Producer for Explore.org, the documentary film unit of the Annenberg Foundation.  He produced more than a dozen documentaries in Darfur, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

His work with the Annenberg Foundation resulted in the award-winning No Child is Born a Terrorist, filmed in Jenin, Palestine, and Darfur:  Quest for the Human Spirit, filmed in the largest refugee camp in war torn South Darfur.

While living in Southern Africa,  he worked for aid agency Raleigh International in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mauritius.  In 1993 he moved to Hong Kong, where he was hired by Lexis-Nexis to start an Asia-Pacific content acquisition operation.

1998 was spent at startup Incubator Idealab! in Pasadena, and in 1999 Jackson joined San Francisco start-up iFilm.com, where he stayed until 2007 as VP Content, involved in the sale of iFilm to Viacom in 2005 for $49m.

Roger Jackson has degrees in Political Science and Law.  He is also a graduate of the Executive Program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and has his commercial pilot’s license  with multi-engine and instrument ratings.


  • Executive Producer, Explore.org (Annenberg Foundation doc film division)
  • Producer, No Child is Born a Terrorist (Palestine, 2008)
  • Producer, Darfur: Spirit of a People (Sudan, 2009)
  • Producer, VH1 WebJunk20 (2005)
  • Producer, Team Extreme (2006, Fox/Fuel TV)
  • Executive Producer, Arctic: Change at the Top of the World (Canada, 2008)
  • Producer, Protest or Punches (Jordan, 2008)
  • Producer, God is a Circle (Saudi Arabia, 2007)
  • Producer, Arsenic: The Largest Mass Poisoning in History (Bangladesh, 2004)
  • Vice President, Content for MTV Networks’ iFilm subsidiary (1999-2006)
  • Politics & Law Degree, University of Southampton

With Charles Annenberg in Darfur

Roger Jackson in Darfur

Filming in Palestine with Palestinian Militants

Darfur: Spirit of a People (Producer: Roger Jackson)

The Screening Room, Oprah.com