Gwen Isaac

Gwen specialises in self-shooting and directing observational and social history documentaries. She has worked in broadcast television in New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S.A. since 1997.

In 2003 Gwen’s documentary was selected as part of the prestigious ITV London young director’s series, Metroland. The documentary Old Dogs, New Tricks – which examines the disappearance of racing greyhounds when their careers end  – broadcast primetime and achieved critical acclaim from London’s Evening Standard, the Guardian and the Times newspapers.

As a freelance television director in the UK, Gwen has worked with highly-respected independent production houses such RDF, Endemol UK and Lion Television and for broadcasters ITV and the BBC. She has led teams on series as diverse as ITV’s Mum’s on Strike and the BBC’s Summer at York Minster which followed the fortunes of the community of  Europe’s biggest cathedral, York Minster.

Newly arrived in the USA in 2006 she directed the feature-length documentary for the latest Rambo film. Filmed by Gwen on location in the Thailand jungle, she got up close and personal with Sylvester Stallone documenting the off-screen action on what has been described as “one of the most violent films ever made”.

In 2009  Gwen  directed and filmed the behind-the-scenes action and interviews for the NBC/BBC co-production Heroes Unmasked, that revealed the making of  the cult TV series, Heroes.
Most recently Gwen USA produced the BBC documentary and head-line grabbing, Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey, which saw the Hollywood actress travel to India to investigate child trafficking.

Show Reel

The film had heart without being overly sentimental and that’s a hard balance to achieve

Victor Lewis-Smith, Evening Standard (Old Dogs, New Tricks, ITV1)

It’s just a gentle meander around one of the most entrancingly beautiful buildings in the world, which happens to be run by a group of sweet people.

The Radio Times (Summer at Yorkminster, BBC 1)


  • USA Producer, Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey (BBC, UK)
  • Director, Heroes Unmasked (NBC/BBC UK)
  • Director, The Real Rambo; Behind the scenes on Rambo 4 (Lionsgate/Millennium Films)
  • Producer Director, Summer at Yorkminster (Lion Television, BBC UK)
  • Director, The Real…Washington (BBC World News)
  • Producer Director, Mum’s on Strike (Lion Television, ITV)
  • Director,  Nurse School (BBC Scotland)
  • Producer Director, This Morning (ITV)
  • Director, Old Dogs, New Tricks ( ITV London)
  • Expert on cameras including the  Sony EX3, DSR570 and Z1 and their accompanying sound equipment

Gwen filming on location in Thailand for Rambo 4

Gwen in Guatemala for Blakeway Television/Channel 4