Lindsay Lohan's Indian Journey, BBC3

Midnight Swim, based in Santa Monica, California, is a TV & film production company specializing in factual/reality television and documentary films. We create compelling content featuring real people telling unique stories.

Los Angeles producers Gwen Isaac and Roger Jackson formed Midnight Swim Productions to develop and produce innovative and engaging TV & film. With global experience producing documentaries, often in highly challenging environments, Gwen and Roger understand and embrace the essential components of successful, high-rating television. Most recently, Gwen was a producer for the BBC documentary about child trafficking in India, hosted by Lindsay Lohan. Roger most recently produced a film in the largest refugee camp in war-torn Darfur. Midnight Swim is now developing multiple projects for UK and USA television broadcast. Midnight Swim is available as a US-based fixer for UK productions looking to shoot in the USA. We most recently worked with the BBC’s Human series, Sky’s Noel Edmonds Xmas Present’s and ITV’s This Morning programme.

Gwen directing the BBC's Human series

Darfur: Quest for the Human Spirit

Roger Jackson with the militant Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Palestine